We really want all of you guys to have a good time so it's important that you DONT FORGET to bring the stuff below.


1. WATER - We would appreciate if you can bring your own water for the event.
2. CASH - We have no ATM's onsite. A food truck (Gumbo Kitchen)will be serving food & drinks from approximately 5:30-9:30pm and only takes cash. It's a good idea to have some on you if you cant be bothered bringing your own food.
3. CARPOOL – We expect more people this year so please, please, please CAR POOL – we cannot stress this enough!
4. TORCH - Lighting is limited and it's important to be able to see who you are making out with.
5. TENT - If you think you might need some privacy then this is a good idea. Alternatively if you just need 40 winks then bring a tent or maybe some earplugs if you actually want to sleep! Red hill also has plenty of accommodation close by if you want to book somewhere to stay.
7. CHAIRS - Bring your own chairs if you need a seat. Limited seating is available
10. ICE AND ESKYS - This is not available on site so it's BYO ice.



Those of you who know us, know that we really hate rules, however the Red Hill Music festival does have a few small rules just to keep some degree of order.


1. TAKE YOUR GARBAGE - We really do not want to have to pick your cigarette butts or garbage. Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.
3. NO DICKHEADS - Like any awesome festival we simply don't want dickheads. If you have heard about the festival the chances are that you are not a dickhead; however, if you feel that you cannot control yourself and are likely to lapse into dickhead behaviour please escort yourself from the premises. There is a designated dickhead area down the road.
4. FRIEND OF FRIENDS ARE ALL INVITED! – We know all our friends are awesome. That is why we have invited you all. In fact we know you are so awesome that we want you to bring your other awesome friends, so bring them all along – after all, it is in support of the Cancer Council!
5. TICKETS ESSENTIAL - So that you can get past the burly security guards. You will need to be on the gate list to get in. Donate to ensure you are on the list!
7. NO SMOKING - It's bad for the forest, and your health
8. NO SHITTING - No shitting outside designated toilet areas. We have built some long drop toilets and there will be some beautiful portaloos on site but they are pretty basic. My hot tip is do you number 2 before you leave home.
9. NO GLASS - The clean up is already going to be epic. Please make it easier for us and just don’t bring any glass.



Thanks Guys,



Kee, Kelly, Karl & Jane